Why Selkirk


Built to support growth.

Like many communities, Selkirk is facing the challenge of rehabilitating or replacing existing infrastructure while at the same time, investing in new infrastructure. With 40 percent of the City total expenditure going to capital spending in 2018 (World Council on City Data ISO 37120), Selkirk is constantly making decisions regarding infrastructure investment which have environmental, economic, political, and social impacts. A guiding principle has been to focus on the long-term in anticipation of future community needs.

Through the Capital Asset Management Program and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Selkirk is taking a proactive approach to development and is establishing the infrastructure the City needs to support continued expansion for many years to come (see Our Strategy for more details).

Water capacity was recently expanded with the construction of two new wells in the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews. The $2.5 million project included construction of an 11 km / 7-mile pipeline that connects the new supplemental water source to Selkirk’s treatment plant.

The City of Selkirk’s water treatment plant invokes pride in meeting the community’s high standards for health and aesthetic quality – rated second best tasting in Western Canada, Western Canada Water.

In anticipation of future demands, the City is investing in a new $36 million wastewater treatment plant that will be retrofitted with state-of-the-art equipment. The effluent will be top grade and totally reusable. This significantly reduces the plant’s environmental impact while providing additional capacity. Its modular design allows for further expansion, providing a flexible, cost-effective way to accommodate future growth without the need for redesign or major construction.

To help keep the operating costs in check Selkirk offers an array of cost advantages including green energy options, competitive utility rates, low building costs and below average tax rates. And, for new construction Selkirk business park development fees are waived.

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